Penafsiran Wateke Dino (Wataknya Hari Dan Tanggal)

Wateke dino’s interpretation (character of day and date)

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Wateke dino’s interpretation (character of day and date)

On the 1st day of the horse, when there is a birth on the 1st, the child is good in nature, when the pain heal quickly, tulaknya (the medicine) as people lift the horse and then in the flue towards the south.pada that day Allah made Prophet Adam. All work can be done, when meet the enemy in the can finish, when bringing honest news, when there is untrue news he is lying (not young believe), when there is a lost item on that day one will meet, who takes his posture short, small, his face black skin.

2nd On the 2nd day of the day of kidang (deer) when there is a child born on that day, the father of his mother experienced confusion and loss of money, when cultivating good yield, when buying and selling good income, when traveling good (find the search), when ill buaatlah trance the court with flour then in the money and enter the fire / burned, on that day Allah made the mother ‘of the ribs of Prophet Adam as

Date 3 His name is the Day of the Tiger (tiger) when there is a baby born on that day and that date the boy is naughty extraordinarily difficult to control, while his character is stupid / unintelligent, likes jail to his neighbor, likes disrupt the quietness of others / evil, disobedient to God and his parents, or his leaders, do not like to travel, while tulaknya is to make tiger tiger in the exhaust towards the south.sebab on the har is right on the story of qobil killing habil, on that day the descent of Prophet Adam and mother Hawak into the realm of this world. When there is a baby born on that day his name is a cat day, his character is good / good ahlaknya, devoted to the parents, and also happy to be alone (khadawah) akantetapibut when born in the middle olo (like talking majaz) do not continue, talks need interpretation, when hunting often get prey, if looking for serin people found, when traveling less fortunate, when facing the enemy does not win and not lose, reject the balaknya make the cat’s cat in the flue towards the west.

Date 5. Is the day of the cow means the child born on the 5th has the nature and the tabia tyang very ugly, ungodly to the parents, sickness healed illness takes a long time, the solution make a cow like a flower then in the waste to the west.dan di sedekahkan fish sekupat then in do’ai prayer tulak balak (prayer safety dunnya ahirat) kareana on that day the birth qobil from mother hawa’jika lust on that day will prove to be child / baby will but naught exceeds limit.

Born on the 6th of the date is a very good buffalo day if there is a child lair on that day and have the character also the nature of obedience to God and devoted to both parents, in try not to travel the land (walking) will have a bad effect on security and comfort , do not be a fisherman / sailing because it will meet a very evil enemy who will meet his death (death). if the pain is easy to heal, while tulak balanya is a spell buffalo then in the waste in the forest.

The day of the birth on the 7th day has the interpretation of that day is the day that has the symbol of the mice, if there is a birth on that date it is very good that has the character and devotion to Allah SWT also devoted to both parents, if farming / or farming, / less fortunate if wandered because it will find something less beneficial if sick seb sebus long, while tulak balaknya is making a rats like kemus is thrown to the north then selametan snack market is read prayer slamet prayer (ان نساءلك سلامة في الدين اليحاللهم) On the 8th if there is a birth that date is very good that day is the day lembuwono (menjangan) who have interpretation, the child is creative mind, innovative, will be affection by the leaders in the meeting (big people), but if wanderer will not find yng sought / yan in the intent, not suitable if the trade, when the debate or physical fighting will suffer defeat (both) when there is news kebacikan he is honest but there are negative news not young believe / lie.jika experience sickness lead titiron discharged westwards. on that day Allah embodies the Prophet Noah and when it begins to board the boat / ship of the Prophet nuh

On the 9th day, if there is a 9th birthday on that day his name is dog day (asu) has a naughty character beyond the limit, duhaka kepda Allah and both parents, if trading and trading agile and earn profit, if leaving for war will die / . Because on that day Nab Shaleh is in the calamity, if you bring the news is often a lie, if sick then make a torn dog then dispose of under the bed, and in a bath of water (well water) Birth on the 9th of that day is less favorable for bad sansat day, it is a birthday / dog if there is a birth then it has a child’s interpretation of its naughtiness, infidelity to Allah and disobedience to both parents, has advantages when the trade is very guided with agility and lobby lobinya, when the battle suffered defeat on that day the Prophet Shaleh experienced woe, when delivering the news a lot of truth, when experiencing pain make the form of dogs and thrown in the bed bring in the well water bath.

The date of the 10 is the day of the dragon, when there is a birth that day is very good, all his behavior always have good luck, when the pain quickly healed and tulak balaknya make a dragon in the form of dragons and in the waste to the water. when the king / leader / doctor because on that day the decline of Noah a.s.

On the 11th when weton / birth on that date was very good and lucky, good sense or always berinofasi in all work and thought, like to build harmony fellow guard many way to rizki / rizkiya lot, also get nugrah from Allah long life, menghidari enmity because he likes to fight in quarreling, when delivering false news does not want, when conveying the truth news at samapikan, when the pain rejected the goat to make the teddy goat thrown in the direction of the north.

12 jiak there is a birth that date there is kindness in favor of him when mendapa good news he is honest, when receiving news bohaong he does not want to convey, when ill heal somewhat long, tulak bala’nya batlah elephant in the exhaust to the south.ketika holding job profisional, when business leads, when debates meet people of rank, officials who culminate in disaster.

On the 13th, if there is a birth on that date it is often painful, when receiving the true news he likes to lie, when there is bad news he is telling what it is, when ill heal a bit longer, while tulak balaknya make elephant in the exhaust to the south, less professionally, when disputes with the rulers means that his leader is not his son, whom he questioned is the truth, which has the effect of evil on him.

On the 14th, when there is a melancholy date it is a day when singoluwe (tiger starvation) is very good when there is birth that date, if tulak balanya the grass is made like a tiger, then charity, good business, wander also good, when disputes always experience victory because not leaving the birthplace, on that day Allah created the heavens, heaven, hell, the throne,

The 15th day, what is with that date, is the day the fish has an interpretation such as: the child born on that date has the character of: Obedience to the queen / leadership, also on the bunggawa / minister, when ill make a fish like fish in the waste disposable water, on that day all have kebaikandan kekuntugan child born on that date, in, if mingle with wife very good people ,, devoted unto God and both his parents, for that day God made the Prophet Yusuf (as)

On the 16th, when there is a birth date, the child has an exaggerated mischievous nature, in interpreting the child’s lack of memory, insanity, often hurting other people, if he / she is rich / poor often in sartruni thief, when his tulak balak is night later in the exhaust in gunug, because the day is very bad (do not hang out with the wife on the 16th) if the gift of children will experience mental temra / crazy, ungodly to the parents, have a disobedient nature to parents, proficient kuakai in all jobs, that day Allah damages his people the Prophet lud. when the battle is defeated, when delivering the true news he lies. when delivering honest bad news.

There is a birth on the 17th when there is a child born that month. The child has multi talent, the day has the nature of birds, if sick make a hulung then dispose of the forest to walk to the left, so the leader or auxiliary, representative, secretary, accountant , if wanderers find what is in the search, the businessman / merchant, because on that day / day Allah made the Prophet Yakkub and Prophet Moses munajad to Allah, when there is a dispute victory, giving the news in the truth.

There is a birth on the 18th, it is the day of the pig, very well, on that date and that day Allah brought the Prophet Jacob with the beloved son of the Prophet yusuf, if the good marantau / the amksud will be found, when meeting with Mush as defeated, the date that Allah makes the sun and the moon, if the pain of tulakbalaknya is make a picture of the pig in the flue towards the north.

On the 19th if there is a birth on that date, in that javanese interpretation is the day of the bull, has a less praiseworthy character, disobedience to God, and disobedience to both parents, (having political soul, strategist, team success in political climax) when ill make image / bull like a bull in the waste into the forest and charity sebihlanya, because on that day Allah created the Prophet Yakup as, but have the privilege of all the news that is brought to the truth.ketemu rich people very good (able to manage / management accurate and open / akuntible) if meet the enemy is very bad but it occupies kebacikan (in the ugly not proven in ahirnya it is a good person)

On the 20th, if there is a birth that date is very good in the interpretation of Java, many rizkinya jugamempunyai generous nature, strongly advocated wander, will experience distress dalm all things, there is good news in it, if ill make a picture antu (……) at the tail towards the north.

What is the 21st date according to the Javanese interpretation, it turns out to have a very surprising interpretation, when there is a birth on the 21st, has an ungodly nature to the parents, it is a charcoal day, if charcoal is disposed towards the south and make it professionally, any assistant will be suspected ugly by him, if you get news / bring the good truth news if you bring the news is not trusted young war.

On the 22nd day there is the interpretation of that day is the day of the shrimp, very fortunate if there is a birth because on that day Allah created the Prophet yusuf (as), if the trade is very profitable / business, so the assistant / minister is very good, if traveling after getting problems, always be sasran , if tulak balaknya is a shrimp in the waste at home.

On the 23rd, if the date of that date is according to the javanese interpretation, it is the day of the caterpillar, which means that if the child is born on that day / date it has an ungodly nature to the parent, if the leadership comes to produce the result. On the 23rd if intercourse (jima ‘) becomes a child the disobedient, if the sick make the sea caterpillar (uler segara) in exhaust to perna forward pat and alms seikhlasnya.


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