The duty of the parents to introduce the ‘Ulama’ (the kiyai)

Bantu Orang Terdekat Anda Untuk Mendapatkan Manfaat Artikel Ini

Abu Umamah r.a has said that Rasulullah SAW. Perna said:

ان لقمان قال لبنه يا بني عليك بمجالسلة العلماء العربية

” Indeed Lukman said to his son ‘My son, be present in the clergy of the scholars’ and listen to the words of the wise, when verily Allah lives the heart (qolbu) who died with canhaya wisdom as He revives the dead earth with a torrential rain’ (in explaining thabrani and al kabirnya, but sanadnya ‘Ubaidillah Al zhr and ali bin yazid, both weak and can not be made according to al haitsami in majma’uz zawaidnya.)

The authors analyzed the development of parents and children in 2000-2018 experienced a decrease in empathy at ulam ‘/ kiyai, ustad averaged 2% per year so that the level of juvenile delinquency rose 3.5% per year with the support of adequate medsos.Children do not know the history of development pioneer religionist / the ualama’lebih know bok fokalis, footballers, the artists who so desires as a child of Muslims in Indonesia”diluar boarding school education.this is the neglect of parents in educating children, dikarakan with economic competition, the culture in which the product is not from among the Islamic ummah.Oleh since early on we introduce our children with Kabirul ulama ‘from the age of contemporaries, even have the view that learning religion feel out of date in their minds

Chart   a.1.Awal know tatakarama, ukhuwah, idol story of ‘a.2.development of idol mindset ulama’dan scholarship.a.3.idola with his scholars, his work, his thoughtsa.4.kekemuannya, his work, his thoughts.his works, his thoughts, no longer recognize his / her idol, his jewels,From year to year mischief, thinking, character / character of youth of Islam we experience penururan believe do not believe that reality in the field.The obligation of parents to time, accompany, tell / story children or fairy tales before bed greatly affect their thinking and character. Something that is deeply in the minds of parents who become the spectacle of our children everywhere do not menhujat ulam ‘kiyai, ustadz will cause hatred against ualam ‘which leads to the deterioration of our child’s mental, religious nature, lazy to know who does not know about the destruction of civilization eastern naudzubillah.Abu Juhaifah Rasulillah SAW.bersabdaجلسوا الكبراء وسلوا لعلماء وخلطواالحكماء”Sit in the great assembly of the people: ask to the priests’: and associate with the wise men” (Tabrani in Al kabirnya through two lines, one of which is this: there is in it sanadnya’Abdul Malik bin Husain aka Malik An ash -Nafi’y who mungkar Haditsnya is another path predicated mauquf, but sanadnya saheeh.) (JamalAbdurahman)


Bantu Orang Terdekat Anda Untuk Mendapatkan Manfaat Artikel Ini

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